Facilities and Equipment

Fruit-Flavored Water Server

Refreshing Orange and Lemon!

We have a fruit-flavored water server in the lounge that you can help yourself to anytime. Oranges and lemons floating in mineral water is a soothing sight to see. Quench your thirst with our refreshing fruit-flavored water.

All Rooms are Furnished with Simmons Beds

We guarantee a good night's sleep. Rest deeply until the morning on a Simmons bed

All rooms are furnished with beds from the manufacturer famous for their research on sleep with the latest science and technology, Simmons. We've also prepared pillows from the Simmons Kyoto Nishikawa line to provide our customers with a good night's sleep.

Pillow Bar

Choose your own Lofty pillow.

In addition to the Simmons pillows provided in every room, guests may also choose from an assortment of pillow types at the pillow bar. At Hiyori Hotel Maihama, we use Lofty Workshop pillows, the pillows well known for high-quality sleep. We provide pillows with 4 different materials and 4 different heights. Get one from the pillow bar near the 1st floor front desk.

Spacious Shower and Bath

Restore your tired body with a delightful bath time

Stretch out your arms and legs and soak up to your neck in our bath tub. The secret to a comfortable bath is setting the most appropriate temperature. Rooms with separated baths and toilets have a washing area next to the bath so you can even shower together with your young children.

Separated Toilet, Bath and Sink

The bath and toilet should be separate

It's rare to see separated toilets, bathrooms and sinks in hotels. Those who have a lot to do to get ready can take their time without worrying about the person they're with.

Air Cleaner with Humidification Function

Clean air is fundamental for comfort

Each room is equipped with an air cleaner/humidifier. You can relax knowing that the air in the room is clean. The air cleaner also has an AC function so you can choose your ideal room temperature.

Mist Shower Head

Relax your body with a refreshing mist shower

All showers equipped with a shower head that lets you choose from 3 different water pressures. You can enjoy the strong water pressure you're used to or relax with the mist setting. Relax with a luxuriously delicate shower.

High-Quality Tatami Flooring

Relax in your bare feet. Enjoy Japanese style high-quality tatami flooring

High-quality tatami is installed in the floors of twin rooms, deluxe rooms and Japanese style rooms, giving the hotel a homely atmosphere that is loved by many. Rooms with incredibly breathable tatami flooring give a person a bright and free feeling, letting you safely walk around without shoes.

Sound proofed rooms

Double layered window sashes keep sound out

While being conveniently close to the highway, guests can also sleep tight with the highly effective double layered sashes on each window.

Hair dryers and curling/straightening irons

You can do your hair and travel light too!

To make your day off something to remember, all rooms are equipped with hair dryers and curling/straightening irons so that you can travel light. All hair dryers are high-quality Panasonic products. You don't have to worry about waiting for your dryer or curler to cool down before packing up and leaving.

Shoe Dryer

Have dry shoes even on rainy days

You don't have to worry about wet shoes after being outside in the rain. Every room is equipped with a shoe dryer. Dry your shoes thoroughly so that your feet can be comfortable the next day too.

Foot Massager

Soothe your feet so you can have another active day

Each room is equipped with a foot massager to soothe your sore feet from a hard day of walking. Recover your feet with a powerful wind acupressure massage.

Smoking Room

For guests who smoke

Hiyori Hotel Maihama is a non-smoking hotel. Please make use of the smoking room on the first floor.

Coin-operated Laundry

For guests with kids, long stays are not a problem

Two coin-operated laundry machines are located on the 3rd floor so that you don't have to bring a lot of clothes even if you have a long stay. Very useful for when your kids' clothes get dirty.

Microwave and Ice Machine

Convenient things to have around

A microwave and ice machine are available for use anytime on the 5th floor. The microwave is useful if you need to heat up baby milk. The ice machine is running 24/7 to provide you with ice all night.

Hotel Pajamas

You can walk around the hotel in our pajamas as well

We've prepared pajamas for each guest to kick back in. The 2-piece pajamas are available in adult size and kid size as well. With a chic color and and simple design, guests of all ages can feel comfortable in these pajamas.

Pleasant Presents

About "Happy Present"

About "Happy Present"

Happy gifts may change depending on the season. Please note that some items may be missing due to popularity.

Paper Balloon

The traditional Japanese toy is popular with kids

Paper balloons have always been popular in Japan, making this a nostalgic toy that is loved by everyone. Please be careful when playing with it in the room.


So simple, but so popular!

Origami is loved by people of all ages. This is a popular item to enjoy with your family during your stay at Hiyori Hotel Maihama.

Toe Pad

Spread out your toes and relax

You'll feel so relaxed after simply putting these between your toes. Recommended for while your relax in your room.

Oil Absorbing Sheets

A gift that women love

Free your face from that oily residue. This type of item is useful to have around.

Surgical Masks

Useful for guests who have pollen allergies

For guests suffering from hay fever or need a mask to protect from the allergens in the wind, we have masks for you to use.

Hair Bands

Useful to have around

Not extravagant in any way, but a useful item. Put your hair up and out of your face. Essential item for truly relaxing.

POLA Aroma Essences Bath Gel

Put yourself in a good mood with a lavish aroma

From the POLA Aroma Essence series we have bath gel that gives off a lavish black tea aroma. You can of course use it at the hotel or we even recommend taking it home with you for another time.

POLA Aroma Essences Body Lotion

Maintain silky smooth skin

A disposable pack of POLA Aroma Essence's remarkably moisturizing body lotion.

POLA Aroma Essences Hair Essence

Have extravagant hair with Hair Essence

In addition to the POLA Aroma Essence series available in every room, we've prepared Hair Essence from the series as a pleasant present as well. Enjoy a full-blown hair makeover while you're here.

Shaving Gel

Useful item for men

We've prepared shaving gel for our male customers so they can shave at the hotel.


Put yourself in a refreshing mood

Mouthwash is a popular choice by both men and women. Leave your mouth feeling refreshingly clean!

Gatsby Face Wipes

Wipe the sweat from your face and feel refreshed!

A popular gift for men. A face wipe that's easy to carry along. Whenever you sweat, just use one of these to leave your face feeling refreshed.

Room Amenities

POLA Aroma Essence Gold

Come with no extra luggage and make yourself pretty!

We use POLA's Aroma Essence Gold series for our bath amenities. Experience the beauty of high-quality moisturizer and fragrance derived from a fusion of 4 different natural golden extracts. You will find not only shampoo, conditioner and body soap, but also hand soap, cleansing oil, face wash, skin lotion and milky lotion prepared for you. You don't have to worry about bringing anything. We supply plenty of each so use as much as you want.

Other Room Amenities

The standard necessary amenities

We put a lot of thinking into our amenities as well. For the hair brush, we have prepared a foldable comb-brush combo and the towel is extra thick for ease of use. The staff put themselves in the guests' shoes when choosing these amenities.

Free Rental Equipment

Iron-Steamer Combo

It not only eliminates wrinkles, but odors as well

With this iron-steamer combo you can get rid of wrinkles with the clothes still on the hanger. It's easy to use and eliminates odors as well.

Free Rental Items for Young Children

Baby Chair

Babies can safely relax too

With a unique shape, babies can move as much as they want and it won't tip over. You can attach a seatbelt to make it even safer. This seat can be used in the room as well as next to the bath in the bath area.

Potty Seat (for children 18 months and up)

Usable with the hotel toilet

In order to decrease the guest's luggage, we've prepared potty seats for your young children. Potty seat can be attached to western style toilets, toilets with seat warming function and toilets with washlet function as well.

Step Stool

Together at the sink with Mommy and Daddy

If you have a child who has trouble reaching the sink to brush their teeth or wash their hands, please borrow a step stool from us.


The baby's personal bed!

For infants from 0 to 24 months. As it takes some time to set up, please let us know about the necessity of a crib ahead of time.