Food to satisfy both lovers of Japanese and Western food.

You’ll be back for seconds, thirds and fourths


Our skilled chef puts his heart into every breakfast. We gathered an assortment of over 30 kinds of Japanese and Western foods. Our menu is rated highly by people of all ages. Our chef pays attention to even the smallest details like the perfect heating for fish or omelettes. Come help yourself to our delicious breakfast buffet.


The Morning Sun Lights Up Our Dining Room

This is the place to start a new day

We're proud of our simple, yet warm and bright dining room. Dining room is open from 6:30am until 10:00am. (Buffet closes at 9:30) You can check how busy the dining room is from the TV in your room.

More Than 30 Different Foods Every Morning

Our large variety of foods makes our buffet great

Our breakfast buffet has a mix between Japanese and Western foods with high-quality ingredients and taste totaling 30 different items. The breakfast that our talented chef makes will satisfy the taste buds of people of all ages.

Healthy Foods to Care for Your Body

Morning vitamins! A wide assortment of colorful fruits and salads.

We have an assortment of fresh vegetables and fruits you can color your salad with, fresh yogurt, and a multitude of other healthy options. Start your day with a healthy, well-balanced meal.

Morning Curry

Hearty breakfasts only at Hiyori.

Hiyori Hotel Maihama's morning curry is a popular breakfast choice. The mild-flavored curry is easy on the taste buds making it ideal for breakfast.

Large Assortment of Bread

Bread-lovers unite! Savory bread with natural yeast

Bread lovers will absolutely love our selections of breads at the buffet. We have a large variety of richly flavored breads made from all natural yeast. Being able to taste a multitude of flavors is another thing that makes our hotel great.

Our Chef's Handmade Sweets

We highly recommend our sweets! Our chef puts his heart into them!

An assortment of sweets made by our own hotel's sweets-loving chef. Have some sweets after your breakfast. It's like an extravagant full course meal.