Relax at the hotel after a girls night out

After an exciting girls night out, nobody wants to worry about the last train or get stuck in large crowds.

Why not spend the night until the morning with good friends at our hotel? Maihama is only 14 minutes from Tokyo by train.  There is a free shuttle bus from the station to Hiyori Hotel Maihama so there's no need to worry. Access to a plethora of amenities and other equipment for women! After work, head out with only a small bag and make yourself pretty at the hotel. Make good use of our high-quality body care products. Also, why not head to the theme park in Maihama the next day? Spend your girls night without a curfew at the hotel. Enjoy endless girl talk to your heart's content!

Relax in a luxurious bath with the Pola Aroma Essence Gold collection

Each room is stocked with Pola Aroma Essence Gold series products. The products are well-known for their natural extracts, powerful moisturizing effect and luxurious aroma. We have prepared not only hair care products, body and hand soaps, but also cleansing oil, face wash, skin lotion and milky lotion. The bottles are big enough to use as much as you want.

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Panasonic hair dryer and curling/straightening iron in every room

Every room is supplied with a hair dryer and curling/straightening iron. Guests can checkout the following day feeling good with beautiful hair. Hair dryers are Panasonic products. Dry your hair quickly with our high-powered hair dryers. Furthermore, guests using the Girls Night package may also borrow a panasonic facial cleaner. Condensed carbons and a heating sensation on the skin make for an effective moisturizing facial. It's a must-try!

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Sprawl out in a spacious bath with a mist shower head

The bath, toilet, and sink areas are all separate so it's ideal for group use. The bath is also not lacking in width and depth so you can relax in water up to your neck. The shower head has 3 water pressure settings and mist capability. Take a healing shower or bath with our mist shower head.

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Exquisite sweets first thing in the morning! Chef-selected morning buffet menu

We are confident that you will love Hiyori Hotel Maihama's breakfast buffet. Over 30 menu items hand selected and created by our talented chef. We've put together numerous kinds of natural yeast breads for bread lovers. You will also find an abundance of healthy salads and fruits. It's an ideal breakfast for Japanese food loving women and western food loving women alike. Of course the most popular menu items are the sweets! Come and try the sweets-loving chef's delicious sweets.

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Twin Room | Maximum 4 people | 22㎡ |  High quality (Ryukyu) Tatami

4-Person Family Room | Maximum 4 people | 22㎡ |  Carpet

Connecting Rooms | Maximum 6 people | 23㎡ × 2 rooms |  High quality (Ryukyu) Tatami

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