Meticulous service so that families can feel comfortable and safe.

In order to put a smile on the faces of guests bringing along children, we've prepared a multitude of family-friendly services. Our hotel offers a comfortable atmosphere for families with high-quality tatami flooring for everyone to spread out barefoot on and a Japanese-style bath with washing area connected which you won't see in other hotels. Furthermore, we've prepared a multitude of rental equipment for children which makes for homely service that only Hiyori Hotel can provide.   A free shuttle bus offers direct access to the nearby theme park every day. After a full day of fun, kick back your feet in our superb hotel room.

Lie side by side in a king-sized bed room

We've put two twin beds tightly together to make a king-sized bed so that the family can all sleep side by side in one bed. The width of the beds put together is 220cm giving you plenty of room. There are a limited number of rooms available for this version of the family package.

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Bathe at ease with the Japanese-style bath and washing area

The bath, toilet, and sink areas are all separate which you won't find at other hotels. Furthermore, with a washing area next to the bath, guests can enjoy bath time with their children and have room to spare. Inside the washing area, there is a clothesline useful for drying small loads of laundry! *Please be aware that some room types have the bath, toilet, and sink in one bathroom area.

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Bring your kids! Hiyori Hotel's equipment rental

We have prepared several "Kiddie Equipment" for babies and kids. We have 10 different items including bottle warmers, cribs and potty seats so parents can have a stress-free stay. Also, there is a multitude of equipment available on each floor such as coin-powered laundry, microwaves, ice machines, and vending machines.

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Mommy can enjoy a relaxing breakfast time too

Indulge in our selected breakfast buffet put together by our skilled chef. A mix of Japanese foods and western foods with a healthy balance of nutrients and large selection to ensure the children's satisfaction. Foods satisfying to the tastebuds like curry or mini ramen that are loved across generations are also on this impressive menu. The desserts made by our sweets-loving chef are also a big hit.

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Twin Room | Maximum 4 people | 22㎡ |  High quality (Ryukyu) Tatami

4-Person Family Room | Maximum 4 people | 22㎡ |  Carpet

Traditional Japanese Room | Maximum 4 people | 30㎡ |  High quality (Ryukyu) Tatami

Deluxe Double Room | Maximum 3 people | 23㎡ |  High quality (Ryukyu) Tatami

Connecting Rooms | Maximum 6 people | 23㎡ × 2 rooms |  High quality (Ryukyu) Tatami

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