The package to enjoy the company of your entire family

For those familiy members you don't get to see every day and those you live with every day, spending time with family can be really fun. If this is your family, or you have a large friend group, we have the package for you! Making use of Hiyori Hotel Maihama's connecting rooms, up to 8 guests can stay together! The nearby theme park is easily accessible, making it perfect to keep smiles on everyone's faces after a day of fun.

Enjoy mingling as well as privacy. Across-the-Hall Rooms!

Across-the-Hall Rooms allow guests to enjoy time with everyone and keep their private time as well. The two rooms are directly across the hall so that guests can go back and forth between rooms without running into other guests. Then, once you finish spending time with the whole family shut the door and enjoy your private time. These rooms are really popular for extended family gatherings or families with many kids. Including the extra mattresses, up to 6 guests may stay in these rooms.

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Open the door for a spacious room. Up to 8 people! Conjoined Rooms

Conjoined Rooms are connected side-by-side to create your own large space. By connecting two twin rooms and making use of the high-quality, high-density, urethane mattresses, up to 8 people can stay. Since two rooms have been connected, there are also two sets of baths, sinks, and toilets which is essential for large groups. These rooms are ideal for not only extended families and large families, but large friend gatherings alike.

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Connecting Rooms | Maximum 6 people | 23㎡ × 2 rooms |  High quality (Ryukyu) Tatami

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