Kids can feel safe next to Mommy and Daddy

Babies or children who don't need their own bed are more than welcome. A shuttle bus from the nearby theme park is available. After a fun-filled yet tiring day, spend a comfortable night at Hiyori Hotel Maihama. A multitude of rental items for kids and babies are available. Other equipment such as microwaves and coin-operated laundry are also available.   We have also prepared king-sized beds (2 twins connected) so that the family can lie side by side. Perfect for the baby's first vacation, spend some valuable family time at Hiyori Hotel Maihama.

Kid-Friendly! Clean, Safe, High-Quality Tatami

We use high-quality tatami mats for twins rooms, deluxe double rooms and traditional Japanese style rooms. The tatami are known for making you feel safe like you are in your own home. All rooms are also equipped with air cleaners with humidification funcionability. Children can safely relax on the tatami making our rooms ideal for Mommy and kids.

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Spacious room with comfortable, high-quality tatami

Putting the two twin beds together makes plenty of room for a crib as well. Even though the room has western-style beds, it also has high-quality tatami so that you can relax in your bare feet. Guests can safely bring infants with unstable necks or babies who crawl all over the place. *As it takes time to set up the crib, please notify us ahead of time of the necessity.

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Babies are happy too! A multitude of free rental goods

At Hiyori Hotel Maihama, we put more effort than anyone into offering a multitude of services for families. We've prepared numerous goods for children such as bottle warmers, cribs, bed rails, potty seats, and more. We also have things for children to enjoy such as kids games (Jenga) and picture books, as well as plenty of useful equipment like coin-operated laundry and microwaves in the building. You don't have to worry about arriving at the hotel with minimal luggage.

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Twin Room | Maximum 4 people | 22㎡ |  High quality (Ryukyu) Tatami

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